We establish green power as primary energy source for the blue planet by facilitating the decentral PV project development & realization process – around the globe.

We care about green, renewable energy and are dedicated to delivering an outstanding user experience.

Spirit of powerme.app

We provide an easily usable, reliable and robust platform that

  • tailors residential & commercial PV systems to individual needs based on techno-economic optimization

  • offers a transparent procurement, bidding and financing process with reduced effort for all

  • provides all necessary and supplementary information to the community


  • the way to the right system becomes simpler, faster and more attractive for future owners, installers and financier

  • we enable new systems to produce the needed energy cheaper than today and keep our planet clean

  • energy is for everyone

  • love what you do and do it well

  • openness, feedback and transparency

  • Frank Ibach Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Thomas Beyer Founder & Chief Technology Officer

  • Christoph Koch Corporate Counsel and Communication